Tom Norman

So What is TNPW Design?

TNPW Design

TNPW Design stands for Tom Norman's Podcast Network and Web Design. I'm a part-time podcaster and web designer/developer.

Currently I'm involved as the creator and host of the Talking HTML Podcast. I was also the creator/ co-host of the Talking 1265 Podcast for 4 years.

While I don't specialize in logo creation, I have dabbled in the art and created the logos for the TalkCast Network, the Talking HTML Podcast, the Talking Fire Podcast, and the Burning Locks podcast. All TalkCast Network shows can be found on iTunes.

You can find me and TNPW Design on Linkedin, Twitter and Google+.

The Services That I Offer

Project Type General Requirements
Websites Personal, Business (non e-commerce) or Informational.
E-Commerce Websites in which selling merchandise is the main function.
Charity and Non-profit Reserved for organizations that deal with charities and non-profit organization.
Podcast Setup The setup and demonstration of the programs and options available in beginning and maintaining a FREE! audio and/or video podcast.

Currently I am offering fully handcrafted and personalized websites as well as WordPress websites in association with custom HTML and CSS coding.


For full website creation I prefer to do a project quote versus an hourly rate. For projects that require only a little bit of time I would use an hourly rate. Prices are subject to change, but never during the middle of a project.

Contact me to receive a quote or to enquire about services.

Podcast Projects

Talking HTML is an audio/video internet thing for web developers who are just starting out. It was started in 2015 and envelops all topics of basic website design and development. Topics have included full tutorials with the coding provided via show notes. After an 11 month hiatus, Talking HTML is back in business and more episodes are being created.